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It seems like just yesterday we were sitting down to discuss the possibility of starting our own festival and here we are, nearly six months later, on the day before the first annual Crystalline Film Festival begins. Time really does fly.

As individuals, we, on the Crystalline Film Festival Team, brought a variety of skills and talents, as well as incredible amounts of determination and ambition. As it turns out, however, that ambition helped us bite off a little more than we could chew.

With such a specific way of how we wanted the festival to look, and to run, we began building our website and streaming platform, and we are proud of how it looks, and what it can do! So why wouldn’t we have every faith that all other facets of our programme would go off without a hitch?

Then came the onslaught of issues surrounding our event programme.

As a two-person team, we have done our best to navigate dozens of schedules and time zones, adapting after many technical difficulties arose, and eventually even postponed our festival in an attempt to get ahead of the problems that were popping up.

Due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, including illness and missed deadlines, we’ve had to make the difficult decision not to include our event programme as part of the Festival. We, ourselves, have even spent the last week sick in bed, fighting to make the festival the best we possibly can for you all. But, as human beings, we can only do so much.

Fear not, however - the events will be posted to our website as they are completed and will be completely free of charge. That is why, as you might have noticed, the price and variety of the ticket packages have changed to a single, all-access pass for the films.

As a company and a team, we pride ourselves on our transparency, and felt it was dishonest to charge for events we were unable to share throughout the duration of the festival. So please check back in to view the workshops, panel discussions, interviews, talk-backs, and roundtables - you’ll know they’re live once they’re announced on our social media platforms!

For now, we’re proud to be showcasing 35 amazing films! It’s been an intense few months, and we’ve learned a lot along the way, and we know that once we are able to go live, Season 2 will be even more incredible!

Until then, stay safe and healthy, and enjoy the films! And thank you for being a part of the first annual Crystalline Film Festival.

Cesar Erba & Laura Steponchev
Festival Directors

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