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Where can I submit my film?

Crystalline Film Festival is proud to have an exclusive submission platform with FilmFreeway. Visit www.FilmFreeway.com/CrystallineFilmFestival to submit.

Can I submit a feature film?

Unfortunately, at this time, the Crystalline Film Festival is only accepting short film submissions.

How much does a submission cost?

The cost per submission changes depending on the month - the closer we get to the final deadline, the higher it will be. But FilmFreeway Gold Members get a discount, so be sure to check out www.FilmFreeway.com!

My film is older than a year, can I still submit?

Absolutely! We accept short films that were completed as far back as January 1, 2018! That’s three years of incredible film we’ll get to see!


I can’t see any events!

The events are only available during the week of the film festival. If you’re experiencing this issue during the festival, you may need to purchase a ticket - either for the full festival experience, or for the day’s events. Tickets can be purchased here.

If I purchased a Day Pass, why can’t I see the films and events?

Each Day Pass only grants access to events on the date for which it’s purchased. Day Passes are not transferable to a different date of the festival.

When will the events be announced?

The events of the CFF will be announced three weeks prior to the launch of the Festival.

Where can I find the event announcements?

The event announcements can be found both on the Events page, as well as the News Blog.

Can I rewatch certain live events on a different day?

Unfortunately, the live events from each festival day are only available on their specific day. After that, they will be shared to our own platform at the beginning of our next festival season.


When will we know if our film has been nominated for an award?

Award nominations will be announced on the website on December 31, 2021.

When do we find out if we’ve won?

On the Sunday after the close of the Festival, we will be holding a virtual Awards Ceremony where the winners will be announced.

What is an ‘Honourable Mention’?

While your film may not have been nominated for an award within the Festival, the selection committee wanted to recognize your hard work and express how much they enjoyed the film.

I won an award - why do I need to pay shipping?

We are accepting film submissions by filmmakers from all over the world, and while we are excited and privileged to honour each of the winners with an award, we are a new festival and do not yet have the financial support to pay for shipping.

I won a Cinematic Tribute Award - why do I have to pay?

While we had an incredible first run of the festival, we are not yet in a place to finance every single award. The Crystalline Awards and Diamond In The Rough Award are sponsored by the festival and receive a certificate and a statue, but the Tribute Awards, while just as prestigious, are yet unsponsored so only receive a certificate. We are happy to provide a physical statue should the production wish to purchase one.

Who is the award presented to?

Unless specified otherwise, the awards are presented to the producer(s) of the project. We want to stress, however, that only one statue will be presented per film. Should an additional statue be desired, they are available for purchase and can be addressed to individual producers.

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