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2021 • 17:00 MINUTES • HD

Olivia Moore has the perfect life. She gets to travel the world, meet the most amazing people and work with some of the best brands, all while sharing her experiences with her following of over 100k people. After a controversial video of her is posted online, her world comes crashing down, and Olivia is forced to decide who she really is and what she truly values in life.


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Crystalline Film Festival (CRYSTAL MOON).png


Alexander Perri (He/Him)

From a young age, Alexander was always trying to create things, from drawings and paintings to building things out of lego, and has always loved movies. After falling in love with photography from his father, Frank, who was an amateur photographer, Alexander decided to study photography at Ryerson University. This is where he truly developed his skills and refined his eye for great compositions and images, but he quickly realized just creating still images wasn’t enough for him. After a 4 year pivot to the tech industry, Alexander realized his true passion was creating videos and filmmaking, and decided to start his video marketing company AP Films. It is here where he was able to exercise his passion of not only telling his own stories, but helping both brands, businesses and other up-and-coming filmmakers share their own stories. He does this by utilizing his storytelling skills on YouTube and Instagram through how-to's and tutorials, camera gear reviews, and behind the scenes looks at how he works on his productions. He’s worked with many brands over the years on a variety of campaigns, and he enjoys pushing himself creatively to constantly grow as a filmmaker.



Crystalline Film Festival (CRYSTAL MOON).png