2021 • 21:41 MINUTES • HD

Based on a true moment shared between lovers, GIVE TIME tells the story of Alice, a young woman grieving the loss of her lover, Leo. As she returns home to her apartment, the place where their relationship began, past and present merge as she is unable to deal with the guilt of living past the one she loved. As she moves through the space, she eventually discovers that the only way forward is through allowing the pain to emerge and beginning the near-impossible process of letting go.


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Luis Oliva (He/Him)

Luis Oliva multiplies the means of expression. With twenty years of experience in the film and television industry as an actor and eight years as a director, he is constantly on the look for projects fuelled by heart and authenticity.


When I first read the script, my initial impressions were very emotional. The themes of love, impulsiveness, heartbreak and grief got me to the core.

I felt that I connected with both characters, Alice and Leo, just as strongly, having myself gone through similar situations – on both sides. That being said, to tell this story, we decided to reveal it through Alice’s point of view, in the present and in a sometimes-foggy past, constructed by her memories and colored by her feelings of guilt.


Is that guilt justified? How responsible are we for the pain of someone we leave? How is our memory affected and or colored by our present? Can we truly promise to love ourselves before taking a vow with someone else?


The film does not answer these questions, but we hope that it will raise some more in order to spark an honest and heartfelt discussion. The intention in leaving some gaps in the story is to let the spectator fill them in with their personal perspective and begin a collective conversation about the themes of “Give Time”.


As for the visual style, we aimed for simplicity and practicality to try and let the transitions between present-day and memories of the past be as smooth and emotionally motivated as possible.


However, the heart of this whole project for me was the incredible experience of working with two wonderful talented actors, who are not only the producers and creators of “Give Time”, but also a real couple in life, recently engaged a month before the film’s shoot. With them, we all accepted the challenge of this deep delve into some very dark regions of the emotional spectrum and the search for hope in a hopeless situation.


-Luis Oliva

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Val Mervis (She/Her)

Val Mervis is an actress, recently appearing as the recurring redheaded Fille du Roi, Angélique, in the National Geographic series "Barkskins". In 2021, she has already manifested her dream role, a tough female mobster, in an upcoming feature film by Adam Alberts, and hopes "GIVE TIME" will inspire people to find love and hope in these challenging times.

Laurent Pitre (He/Him)

Laurent Pitre is an actor, filmmaker, writer, poet, teacher, coach, and hopeful romantic. Recent appearances onscreen include the main antagonist of Future Man's final season “BIG TIME” on Hulu and iTunes, a cold-blooded killer named Andrew Kay in the true-crime CBC series “The Detectives”, and the GOODFOOD caveman who's stuck in the past, munching on sticks instead of ordering fresh food from the delivery service. To follow his work, check out his website:


Val and I met 3 years ago, the moment I met her I knew I met my soul mate. (I mean, technically, we became aware of each other in theatre school 7 years ago, but we never really interacted. Then, Val attended a theatre production of mine, “Amuse Me”, directed by Rahul Gandhi, who would end up being our roommate and collaborator on “GIVE TIME”. Deeply touched by the performance and the play, Val and I agreed to meet up at a later time to talk about the whole thing.) We originally were just gonna meet up as actors just going to see a play together, but we bumped into each other at an audition, fatefully enough for “Romeo and Juliet”. Like Romeo, I instantly fell for Val. Nevertheless, being a romantic who had his heart broken many times before and having learned that patient love outlasts passionate flings, I held back from letting my heart shout out how much I loved her already, after having spent the whole day, from audition, to walking up the stairs to the St-Joseph Oratory, to connecting deeply at Sushi Saizen, to enjoying one of the best shows we’ve ever seen at the Segal Centre, to hanging with her and the cast at Orange Julep, to her driving me all the way home. It was incredibly romantic. However, as we sat in her car in front of my place, on February 1st 2018, I decided to play it cool, thank her for the wonderful day, and go home. The next day, I sent her a poem, and asked her on a proper date. And the rest is history. 

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Andrés Castillo (He/Him)

Andrés Rodrigo Castillo Davison, Guatemalan/Canadian cinematographer, moved to Canada to study film production at Vancouver Film School, where he specialized in cinematography and directing. Andrés has had the chance of working in various corners of the world. His experiences include commercial work, documentaries, fiction films, and educational videos.

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