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2021 • 5:00 MINUTES • HD

During the Second World War, Stockholm was the Casablanca of the Nordics. A place where information was everything. Swedish intelligence's most important spy was a 22-year-old German secretary and art student called Erika Wendt.


A girl whose dream was of a life in Sweden with her boyfriend after the war. Then in 1943, Erika was invited to dinner by her German boss and suddenly ordered back to Berlin. Did the Gestapo know about her double life? This film is based on an actual event. 


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Adrian Burt (He/Him)

 Adrian is a filmmaker and photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He was born in the UK and began his career as an advertising photographer in London, England, before moving to Sweden and starting a family. He holds dual UK/Swedish Citizenship, Adrian works in all areas of image creation, including film, still photography, CGI and animation, and is a co-founder of Hungry Hippo Productions, a small production company in Stockholm. 

In 2016 he wrote and directed his first short Film, Radioactive, and in 2017 he directed and produced Katten (The Cat). A film which was shown at many Film Festivals around the World. 

In 2018 he co-created the film collective Sprouting Pictures to help new up and coming talents within Sweden. And has since worked both as a producer and cinematographer on many of their short films. 

At present, Adrian is prepping the cinematography on his first feature film. Which is planned to shoot in Eastern Europe in 2022. 

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 Alexandra Ekelöf  (She/Her)

 Alexandra Ekelöf was born to a Swedish father and a Russian mother in Sweden.  She began her stage career as a highly accomplished violinist, which she still plays live on stage to this day. 

Between 2014-2016, she studied the International Physical Theatre Program at Valla Folkhögskola, Linköping. Here she primarily focussed on creating her own stories using various physical techniques. 

Alexandra is also a skilled stuntwoman which helps bring a physicality to her performances. She began her training at the Nordic Stage Fight Society, 2009-2016, and continued her training later with the Swedish Stunt Agency. She is trained in all areas of stunt work, including car stunts, burns, fighting for film, weapons and sword fighting. 

In 2018 Alexandra created her own unique solo performance where she would play up to 30 characters; she took this to the Reykjavik Fringe, where she received the Audiences Favourite Artist Award. 

That same year, she acted in her first short film, The Elf Queen, a fantasy film pilot for a feature film now in pre-production and has since been seen in various stage productions and short films, where she has garnered much praise for her work. 

Alexandra also works with motion capture and did more than 10 characters and 2 voices for the video game “It Takes Two” created by Hazelight Studios. It recently won Game of the Year at Global The Game Awards 2021. 

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