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2021 • 24:45 MINUTES • HD

Bella, a curious young woman from down the street gets a text from her neighbor that her son is not answering her calls. Quick to help, Bella decides to investigate and finds that her neighbor's son, Elliot, is home alone. Despite being turned away, Bella is determined to help Elliot, so she proceeds to find a way into the house. Upon entering, however, she discovers the eeriness behind the situation. Bella has now entered into a realm where she will have to uncover the truth behind Elliot's derealization of the world around him before she falls victim to his strange and ominous behavior. *Trigger Warning: This story contains themes of Mental Health and instances of strong dissociative identity disorder.


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Roberto Jay (He/Him)

Roberto began his career studying theatre arts and narrative writing at a school called Parkside and has since been working in both tv and film. Moon Talk marks his directorial debut, but as an actor, Roberto has appeared in several projects including the award-winning short film Sinner, the mystery-thriller film Blame, now available on Amazon Prime, and in Showtime's limited series American Rust. Roberto is also an award-winning Screenwriter with credits that include Moon Talk and Inseparable. Most recently, Roberto has been busy developing feature film and unscripted series projects with Los Angeles-based film/tv production company, SCAT tv Entertainment. As an advocate for juvenescence, Jay founded StrayJay Films


Bryan Cosgriff (HE/HIM)

Bryan was born and raised in Evanston, IL. While in high school, he developed an affinity for filmmaking by helping many of his classmates complete their video projects. After writing, directing, and shooting a feature film for his senior project, Bryan decided to pursue a degree in Film/Video at Columbia College of Chicago. Before receiving his diploma, Bryan directed an award-winning, short documentary about his brother's autism diagnosis called John in Transition (2013). While working as a video editor for multiple municipalities, he has worked on several award-winning short films including the 48 Hour Project Follow Her (2019), Mrs. Hunter is Dead (2020), and Moon Talk (2021). He is a member of the film collective Urban Pebble Productions, and he currently resides in the Chicagoland area

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