2018 • 10:34 MINUTES • HD

A deconstruction of the digital medium and its internal structure through the use of “glitching.” The work begins with solo dance performances by three women, lit with saturated, contrasting colored light. The movements of each dancer acts like a paintbrush to alter and distort the visual field. This transitions into free-styling movements by one of the dancers, against the backdrop of a city at night, visible through a glass wall. Next all three dancers preform a choreographed dance routine in a large empty studio with the camera floating between their movements. Following this is additional solo dancing which generates a series of contrasting blocks of colors that begin to flicker and mix like a fluid through the combination of movement and stillness. Finally, one of the dancers takes a light in hand and begins to move around a second, stationary dancer until finally, the entire image melts down off the screen.


Crystalline Film Festival (CRYSTAL MOON).png


Crystalline Film Festival (CRYSTAL MOON).png


Aran Wilkinson-Blanc (He/They)

A New Media Artist and Filmmaker, who is continually exploring the systems and constructs that we have formed and live within. Interested in the subtle and not-so-subtle changes technology has made in our daily lives and the shape and impact of those changes, especially in the areas of communication and forms of expression. The high level of technological mediation inherent in my artistic endeavours has also lead me to seek out collaborations with other artists, and work on projects that incorporate different ideas and perspectives.


Sabrina Naz Coma6nescu (She/Her)

Sabrina Naz Coma6nescu is a dynamic member of the Calgary Dance Community through her work as a performer, choreographer, dance instructor and filmmaker. As a performer, Sabrina has worked with Machel Montano, House of Dangerkat, The Bad Girls Club YYC, ILLFX Entertainment and is currently in her seventh year performing with the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks company in Calgary, Alberta. She is also the current major force behind The Diversity Performing Arts Club of Calgary that "celebrates cultural diversity while promoting inclusion and respect for all youth". She has also created Casa De Naz (CDN) in 2012, a collective with a mission to “excite and educate art hubs across Canada about the thriving Caribbean community in Calgary and the arts of the Caribbean as a whole”.

Kept Progression Headshot Aran Wilkinson-Blanc.jpg

Chenise Mitchell (She/They)

Chenise Mitchell considers herself a Jazzer; an all-around performing artist driven by rhythm and human connection. With 15 years of professional experience, Chenise is a pro in many modes of dance. Through formal, North American training (BFA) and informal, social-based training, Chenise believes Jazz can cross these worlds and ignite a connection to the rhythm of life like no other. Chenise includes writing, improv and of course music in her processes, whether she is choreographing, teaching or performing. She has performed and collaborated in music videos, concerts, musicals and festivals with: Toy Guns Theatre, One Yellow Rabbit, Spirit Fire Theatre, Calgary International Children’s Festival, JMP Productions (NUNSENSE, The Musical), ummerworks (burn, burned), Nuit Blanche, Witch Prophet, Casa De Naz and more. Chenise feels belonging with Jazz because it is healing, it is social, it is connection, it is community and it is meant to be shared.

Nyasha Nyamaka (She/Her)

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Nyasha Nyamaka discovered her passion for dance while immersing herself in a street dance crew in 2009. Initially focused on hip-hop and funk styles, Nyasha later fell in love with KRUMP upon moving to Calgary in 2012. With Calgary-based KRUMP collective, Empirical Freedom, she performed & trained locally, travelled to Montreal and Germany to expand her training and compete in tournaments and participated in the collective’s local event, FIFTY HYPE. Nyasha began nurturing her love for African dance when she became a company dancer for Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre in 2016. Through her diverse experiences with African vernacular dance and Black originated dance expressions, Nyasha hopes to be a part of the global movement that connects dance movement cultures both on the African continent and in the diaspora.

Crystalline Film Festival (CRYSTAL MOON).png